How do I create a custom note template?

Read on to learn how to create a custom note template in Luminello. 

1. On your Luminello dashboard, go to "Practice."

2. Next, click on "My Form Builder."

3. Under "Form Type," select the appropriate "Note Template."

  • "Note template - Intakes" - This template will be paired with the standard free text boxes used in an intake form.
  • "Note template - Follow Up" - This template will be paired with the SOAP form.
  • "Note template - Free Text" - This template will be paired with the Free Text note

4. Build the document using the Custom Form Builder.

5. To use the template in a note, read this article.

Note: For best visibility on mobile devices, your answer choices should only take up one column.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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