How do I submit a corrected claim to insurance?

For corrected claims to be coded correctly on an electronic claim through Apex:

  • Log in to your Apex account
  • Retrieve the claim in question by going to the "Claim Status" area and entering the name, date, etc.
  • Click "Edit & Re-submit"
  • Make changes as desired
  • In box 19, enter CORRECTEDCLAIM.
  • Do not add any other notes in box 19.  
  • You will also then need to put the claim number from the original claim received from the payer (ICN or inner control number from the payer, located on the EOB/ERA)

    in box 22 which is the "Original Reference Number" box on the HCFA form.  
  • Without the information above the claim will be rejected as a duplicate. 

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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