How do I submit secondary claims to insurance through the ApexEDI portal?

The following steps will allow you to submit a secondary claim to insurance through your ApexEDI portal:

  1. You send a claim to the primary and then wait to be paid and receive an EOB.
  2. Once you have the EOB (ERA if you get your EOB's electronically) information you submit a second claim to the secondary payer:
    1. In Charts>Billing>Transactions, click "Submit secondary Claim" for the desired transactions
    2. Change the payer in line 1 from the primary to secondary payer
    3. Enter SECONDARYCLAIM in box 19 (and be sure to remove this the next time you submit a primary claim).
  3. Once submitted, you must go into your Apex OneTouch portal and follow these secondary claim submission instructions (provided by Apex) to add the primary EOB payment information to the line items on the secondary claim.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Secondary insurance information is not required to submit the primary claim.
  • If you submit a secondary claim but don't have the group # handy, it won't be rejected.  (As there is no place to store this info on the HCFA-1500, we wanted to let you know not to worry!)

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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