How do I order an e-lab?

The use of eLAB systems for the ordering of diagnostic tests that are conducted in a controlled manner such as imaging and hematology. eLAB systems provide a framework to capture and communicate laboratory data in order to reduce the likelihood of redundant tests while supporting timely decision-making. You can send an e-lab order with below steps:

  1. In any patient's/client's chart, go to patient/client Chart>Medical>Labs>Send E-labs.  
  2. Immediately you'll see a warning message from our e-labs partner, Change Healthcare, saying "this client ID is invalid" - ignore this message!  It is a reflection that the patient/client hasn't been created in Change Healthcare. Not to worry, the process on which you are embarking automatically creates the patient.
  3. Choose the following:
    1. Order type: Choose PSC = "Patient service center"
    2. Bill Type:
      1. Choose "Patient" if you have the patient's billing info.
      2. Choose "Third Party" if you don't.
      3. Don't choose "Client" - that's you.

      Note: The bill type will be determined based on the information provided to Change Healthcare. For example, if an insurance code was provided and the payer was found in Clinical Network, bill type would be set to Third Party. If Guarantor info was provided, then bill type would be set to Patient. In all other cases, bill type would be set to Client.

    3. Lab: Choose the appropriate lab to which you wish to send the patient.  
    4. Operator:
    5. Priority: Choose "Routine" unless truly an emergency

    That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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