How do I create and send billing statements (superbills)?

Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to create and send billing statements, or watch a webinar about insurance and billing basics here:

From the ''All Transactions'' section within a chart

1. You can use the ''Shortcuts'' menu by selecting the chart and clicking on ''View billing'' from the ''Go to'' dropdown. 


1. Go to the "Billing" section within a chart.

 2. Click on the "I want to..." drop-down, go to "Superbill," and choose the most appropriate option.  

  • Customize: This option will allow you to edit a few options in the superbill before downloading/sending it. 
  • Download: This option will download a PDF copy of the superbill.
  • Send: This option will send the superbill to the patient's/client's portal (if they have an active portal account).

From the ''Create Superbill'' section within a chart

1. From the "Billing" section within a chart, go to the "Create Superbill" tab. 

2. Select the date range you want for the superbill from the "Date Range" drop-down, and click on "Submit." 

3. If you want to add a message to the superbill, you can do it in the "Clinician Message" text box.

4. You can add/remove a diagnosis or change the order of the diagnoses as they appear on the billing statement (if there's more than one). 

5. Click on "Create Superbill."

6. Click on the ''Send'' drop-down, and choose "Send" or ''Download.'' 

From the "Accounts Receivables" section within "Financial"

1. From your main dashboard, click on "Financial."

2. Go to the "Financial Summary" section, and toggle to the "Accounts Receivables" tab. 

3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to a patient/client, and select the most convenient option for Superbills.

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