How do I upload documents or attachments to a chart?

1. On the Navigation bar, click "Charts".  

2. Then select the patient/client by typing his name/

3. Once in the chart, click "Entries>All Entries."

4. Click "I want to..."

5.  Click "Upload" in the  dropdown  under "I want to..." and choose your desired file type that you want to upload and click on it.

6. Double-click the file you wish to upload from your hard drive.  (NOTE: Files could be anywhere on your hard drive.  The screenshots below are for illustration purposes only.  If you can't find the file on your Mac,  read this; on Windows, read this.)

  • On a Mac, you'll see this...

In Windows, you'll see this....for multiple files, click "Ctrl" and choose other files. 

  • Click "Open".

  • You'll see the "File Uploaded" message. The file also shows up in the list below.  

7. To view the file, you have to click on the name of the file.

8. You can also edit the name of the file,  add comments, add to chart and delete the file.  Here's how:

  • Click the down icon on the top-right of the corner and choose your action as per your need: 

That's it!! If you have any questions, please contact us.


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