How do I renew more than one prescription at a time?

Here are the step-by-step instructions to help you:

Note: If you wish to edit the prescriptions before sending them to the pharmacy, you can do that after step 3 or click "Rx" on each medication.

1. Go to Charts>Rx>Send E-Rx>Medications.

2. In the medications area, select the specific prescriptions you wish to renew (shown here), or check "Select All" at the top to renew them all at once.

3. Click the icon for "Renew from Medication."

4. All your selected prescriptions will show in the Prescription Management area and can be sent or edited.

5. To send: type in your signature password, then click one of the four buttons on the bottom of the screen to transmit the prescription(s):

  • Send: Transmits the prescription to the pharmacy electronically. 
  • Send & Print: Transmits the prescription to the pharmacy electronically and prints out a watermarked (nonā€legal) copy of the prescription for your records.
  • Print don't Send: Prints the prescription without sending it to the pharmacy. This option may be used if the patient/client is unsure which pharmacy they would like to use. This is required for controlled substance prescriptions in some states. 
  • Sign don't Send: Signs the medication and adds the medication to the patient's/client's active medication list, but does not send a prescription to the pharmacy. This is useful if the patient/client is given a sample.
  • If you are sending a controlled substance, you will be prompted to enter your EPCS passphrase and token. Make sure to check the box next to each controlled substance you wish to send. If you can't enter your EPCS passphrase, double-check to ensure you have checked at least one box.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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