Step 7: Activating EPCS

Per DEA regulations, this process must be completed by a "trusted assistant" as an additional security measure. Whoever you have designated to receive your practice admin email (note: you may send to any email address you wish) will enter their info and you will enter yours simultaneously, whether in-person, via screenshare, or via any other means. We recommend sending this to someone with whom you can be in the same room to make it most efficient (co-worker if during the day or family/friend in the evening).

1. Have the recipient of the email log into Rcopia using the credentials we provided, through the following link. After the assistant logins, go to the menu tab and click on "Utilities". then click on the Logical Access Control (LAC)

 2.  The ''Active'' button should be clicked on as shown below.

3. First and last name must be entered.

4. Now it's your turn - enter your NPI number and click on ''Validate''.

5. Select your device from the list. 

6. Enter your signing passphrase.

7. Enter the six-digit PIN number from your OTP token.

8. Click on ''Authorize'' to finalize the process. 

If you are experiencing difficulties following the steps above, please access this link Step-7-Activating-EPCS.mp4  to access an interactive video that will show you how to complete this step by step.

That's it. If you have any questions, contact us

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