How do I create shortcuts for my notes?

Premium subscribers can create text shortcuts, also called "snippets," which save significant time composing notes. Read on for a step-by-step guide or watch a video here: 

Note: Do not copy/paste from Word or any other 3rd party application into snippets, as the "hidden code" from those programs may cause Luminello to render them incorrectly and appear "broken."  Learn more here.

1. On the Navigation bar, click "Charts."  2. Click "Snippets."

3. In the left-hand column, enter a shortcut phrase - a few keystrokes that you'll type in your note. See example below:  4. In the right-hand column, enter the phrase you'd like to show up in your note once you've typed those keystrokes. These can be multi-lined and have formatting.5. Click the "Save" button, which will then give you the option to create another snippet. You can have as many snippets as you like.6. To delete a snippet, click the trash can.7. And for the good part! To use your shortcuts in notes, type a period, then the shortcut phrase, followed by another period, and press the spacebar key. The full phrase will appear once the spacebar is pressed, as seen below. So for the shortcut "mse" you would type .mse. followed by the spacebar. You can also use these examples:

.dys. ---> MSE: Alert, fully oriented, friendly, cooperative, good eye contact. Speech of regular rate, rhythm, volume, and clarity. Mood depressed with dysthymic, congruent effect of restricted range and intensity, without liability. TP C/L/GD no FOI/LOA. TC at this time, no evidence of SI/HI/AVH/del. J/I/C/reality testing/memory - all WNL

.sii. ---> Denies SI at this time or in the time since we last met.

.other. ---> Other major changes or new stressors since we last met denied

.szol. ---> Start Zoloft 50mg tabs, 1/2 tab po qhs x 1 week, then increase to 1 tab po qam thereafter #30 RF1. Reviewed risks, benefits, side effects, and alternatives to this regimen. FDA black box warning regarding SI specifically reviewed. Understanding and agreement were voiced by the patient.
Or any other method of a snippet that you would like to create for yourself!

Please note: 

If you have a Word/Google Docs template, you must paste that into a snippet as plain text. 

You can then add your formatting in the snippet editor box, then save the snippet, and the formatting should save perfectly every time you insert the snippet into your notes.

That's it!! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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