Windows users: How can I copy/paste without hidden code getting introduced?

To copy/paste from Windows, follow the following instructions:

1. Select the text you wish to copy as you normally would.

2. Do not copy directly into Luminello.  Instead, open the Windows program "Notepad" that is included for free with Windows, and copy your text there.  Here's an example:

3. You will need to save your notepad document to your computer as a .txt file in order for the formatting to be stripped of code:

4. Be sure to change the document name from the default *.txt name, or else it won't save! I've saved this one to the name "pt":

5. Now, when you open the notepad document up from your saved file, your text will be properly stripped of code. Go ahead and highlight all of the text, then right click and choose "Copy".

6. Finally, you can paste the text into Luminello.

And that should do it!  As a precaution, don't delete the selected text you wish to copy until you have signed your note or successfully used your snippet.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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