Tell me more about insurance billing and claim submission integration

Once your practice's account has been registered by our partner, ApexEDI:

  • You can submit claims electronically from the billing area with a few clicks.
  • You will be notified when claims have been adjudicated, and the chart billing history gets updated once each insurance company has processed your ERA enrollment forms (can take up to 60 days).
  • And in your unique ApexEDI portal, you'll be able to have much more advanced functionality, like checking eligibility, seeing copays and deductibles, resubmitting claims, and more!
  • You can contact ApexEDI M-F 10am-7pm ET at (800) 840-9152.
  • Payment for this service is remitted directly by you to ApexEDI.

ApexEDI's pricing is as follows. When you sign up, make sure you mention that you are a Luminello subscriber to get the full integration + customer support direct from ApexEDI.

Pricing for clinics solo practices or clinics (aggregate of all clinicians):

  • 1-50 claims/month: $30
  • 51-100 claims/month: $60
  • 101-200 claims/month: $99
  • 201-300 claims/month: $129
  • 301-400 claims/month: $169
  • 401-500 claims/month: $189
  • 501-1000 claims/month: $299
  • Additional claims are $0.48/claim
  • There is a one-time $100 set-up fee. (Generally, this set-up fee is refundable if cancelled within 60 days)
  • You can change plans anytime.
  • The first month is free so you can check it out!

Special pricing for solo practices:

  • Unlimited claims for one clinician in a one-person practice: $99/month
  • There is a one-time $100 set-up fee.
  • You can change plans anytime.
  • The first month is free so you can check it out!

Note that each billing code = one claim.  So, 99213+90833 = 2 claims.

Click here to apply with our partner, ApexEDI.

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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