How do I create or delete additional rate tables?

To create an additional rate table/payer:

1. Go to Financial>Billing Codes>Payers.

2. Click on "Add a new Payer".

3. Type in the name of the payer.  In this case, let's use "Blue Cross" as an example.  Then click "Add".

4. You will see all the billing codes you have previously defined appear, along with your private pay rates, or the most recent rates you used when you created a new payer.  Of course, you'll want to edit those rates to reflect your arrangement with this payer.  When done, click "Save".

How do I delete a payer?

1. Go to Financial>Billing Codes>Payers and click on the name of the payer itself you wish to delete.

2. Click "Delete this Payer" at the bottom.

Go to billing codes overview

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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