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Premium users can set reminders within a patient/client chart to stay on track! Here's how:

1. In any patient/client chart, click on "Tasks".

2. Add in your reminder/task under the "Need to do" column. Then choose a due date (optional).

3. Click "Add".

4. On the top, right-hand corner, you can choose when to see this reminder. Below, we outline what each selection does.

5. "Do not show yellow sticky reminders" will not show this reminder anywhere within the patient/client chart.

6. a.) To see a yellow pop-up reminder from the Charts>All Entries page, you need to choose second option "Show reminders only when chart is opened".

6. b.) And here is what the reminder will look like:

7. You can choose "Always show reminders" and the yellow sticky will show on every page/tab within that patient/client chart.

To Delete a Task:

Simply click the trash can icon.

To Complete a Task:

1. When a task has been completed, you can click the box beside the task.

2. The task will then show up under the "Completed Tasks".

3. If you want to delete this task from the completed task list, click the trash can icon and it will disappear. 

To Un-finish a task: 

If you accidentally put a task into the "Completed Tasks" area and need to put it back into "Need to do," simply click the box to the left of the task and that will move it back to "Need to do".

Overdue Tasks:

If you have overdue tasks, this is how they will appear in Practice>Tasks.

Tasks on your Dashboard

On your main dashboard, you will see at the bottom, right corner your task list for the day!

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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