How can I process rapid-fire collections?

Once your credit card processing account with Bluefin is approved and set up in your account, you can quickly run one credit card after the next and save time when you need to charge your patients/clients. Read on to learn how: 

1. From the main dashboard, click on ''Financial''. 

2. Click on ''Accounts Receivables''. 

3. You will see all charts with a balance due in this section and the current total due across all charts. Note: To see how to adjust this to see the current total due for invoices, please click here

4. Click on the dropdown arrow for the patient/client whose credit card you'll charge. Choose ''Credit card - run full balance'' to charge the total amount due on the patient's/client's chart or choose ''Credit card - run partial balance'' to enter an amount to charge. 

5. If the card was charged successfully, a confirmation message will display on your screen. 

7. Then, a success notification will be displayed to indicate that the credit card transaction was successful. 

8. Repeat these steps for each one of your patients/clients. 

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.  

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