What can I do after receiving a referral request?

After receiving a referral request you can: 

  • Reply to the patient
  • Go to billing settings
  • Book an appointment
  • Send a form
  • Make the chart inactive
  • Archive the chart 
  • Delete the request.

Reply to patient/client:

You can reply to the patient/client who sent the request.

This will re-direct you to compose a message. 

save image

Go to billing settings:

This option will take you to the Billing settings screen.

Here you will be able to set the default rate table, hourly rate, session length, billing code, office and Tax ID for this patient/client.

Book appointment:

This will allow you to book an appointment.

You will be re-directed to your Calendar where you will be able to select the time slot on which you'd like to book an appointment for your patient/client. 

Send form:

This will allow you to send a form to the patient/client.

Your form list will be displayed and you will be able to select the one you would like to send by clicking on the corresponding checkbox.  

Chart inactive:

This will allow you to immediately make a chart inactive. 

After clicking on it, a success notification will be displayed on your screen.

Archive Chart:

This will allow you to immediately archive the chart, removing it from your roster. 

Delete request:

This will allow you to remove the request from your list.

That's it!! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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