How can I select a branch on my patient's insurance claim form?

Here's how to select a branch when submitting an insurance claim form for any of your patients:

Note: To learn how to submit an insurance claim for any of your patients, please click here

1. From the "Shortcuts'' menu on the main dashboard, search for the patient by entering a name on the ''My Charts'' dropdown menu. Then, on the ''Go to...'' dropdown menu, select ''View Billing''. 

2. Click on the ''Insurance Info'' tab. 

3. Scroll down to ''Billing location information (33)''. 

4. Click on the dropdown menu to select a branch from your saved branches. Your branches are pulled from the ''Branches>Practice Info'' section. To learn how to set up your branch(es), please click here

Note: If you have set a default branch for that chart, it will be pre-populated.

5. Once all fields in the form are filled out, click on ''Save''. 

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us

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