What does the portal look like to patients/clients?

Here are some screenshots of what your patients/clients see when they log into their portal. If you'd like to see this all first-hand, you can create a dummy chart for testing! 

Below is a general overview, and here is an in-depth view of the patient portal.


This is the home page the patient/client will see when they first log in. The navigation panel to the left summarizes all the portal permissions they have. (Please note: only the permissions you have granted them will appear on the navigation panel and home page and, as such, will differ from client to client) At the top of the page, clients/ patients can toggle between family members and/or clinician accounts.

The body of the page includes:

  • Recent messages and the option to send a message to you or your assistant.
  • Notification of an upcoming appointment if one has been scheduled.
  • The option to make an online booking. 
  • Your practice information that you display in "Practice">"Portal dashboard" in your portal. 
  • And their current balance with a "Go to Billing" link.

Messages Tab

This is the messages page where the patient/client can see all their messages.

Schedule Tab

On the schedule page, patients/clients can view their next appointment and book an appointment online.

Demographic Info Tab

Patients/clients can enter/change their personal details, insurance info, and other info here. If the patient/client isn't the insured, see this article to know how the family member can enter this information. 

Billing Tab

On the billing page, the patient/ client can view their Billing History, Pay Now and view Invoices. They can also enter/ edit their credit card number and print their superbill.

Documents Tab

Patients/ clients can e-consent to PDFs or fill out rating scales, questionnaires, or admin docs.

Clinician's Instructions Tab

Shared notes (like treatment plans/ recommendations) can be viewed here.

Account Tab

Patients/clients can edit their account info, enable 2-factor authentication and export their portal records to PDF!

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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