Tell me more about credit card processing

Sign up for a merchant account with our partner, Bluefin, and you'll be able to process patient/client credit and debit cards in Luminello! Read on to learn more:

  • Competitive rates for MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover of 2.90% + $.30/transaction. We don't offer "teaser rates" or "tiered pricing" because most transactions will cost you far more than you anticipated as opposed to the flat rate we offer.
  • Patients can also make payments in Luminello using their HSA or FSA cards.
  • Save valuable time with Luminello integration.
  • No more awkward swiping at the end of a session.
  • Patients/clients can enter their credit card info, see their real-time balance, and pay in the portal.
  • Auto-reminders are sent to you and the patient/client as the card approaches its expiration date.
  • Real human customer support.
  • Charge credit cards automatically for any invoices not paid in full. Click here to learn more. 
  • PCI compliance support.

Please note the following key differences between Flat Rates and Non-Flat Rates: 

Non-flat rates are highly variable, as it depends on what types of credit cards patients use (frequent flier miles cards, corporate cards vs. debit or non-rewards cards). Many airline cards, even swiped, would carry rates over 3%. Non-flat rate cards also have additional MC/Visa/Amex assessments tacked on (buried in the contract you sign) that can add up to 0.25-0.5% more than we include in the flat rate. 

Save time by processing transactions within Luminello

  • Credit card info is saved, so you don't have to swipe or re-enter. Just "set it and forget it."
  • You can add a credit card by going to Charts>Billing>Settings, or you can ask your patient/client to add it to the portal,  significantly reducing your PCI compliance burden (here is an article you can send to them to show them how). 
  • Once a card is saved, you can process payment or pre-authorization credit card transactions by clicking "Add transaction" in the patient's chart and selecting your transaction from the "Entry Type" dropdown menu.

  • Proceed to the "Payment" dropdown to select the credit card and click "Add transaction"!

  • You can also run credit card transactions by going to "Financials">"Financial Summary">" Accounts Receivable. Then click on the dropdown menu of the corresponding patient to select your desired transaction. This method also allows for "rapid fire" end-of-month billing.

  • Billing history is automatically updated. No double entry!
  • Funds are transferred into your checking account within 2-3 business days.
  • Applicable transaction fees are debited from your account.
  • You will receive a monthly statement detailing all income and charges.

PCI compliance support

  • PCI compliance is the "HIPAA of the financial world" - these are security requirements EVERY merchant must meet to avoid massive fines and responsibility for breached credit card info (think Home Depot, Target, etc.).
  • With the monthly PCI compliance support fee, you will have access to Trustwave services, which include walking you through the annual PCI "quiz" and scanning your computer if needed.    
  • If you have PCI compliance questions, you can ask a specialist to answer your questions.
  • Even if you take PayPal, Square, or Stripe,  you still need to be PCI compliant - but they don't support that process. We are committed to relieving this burden for every clinician, so you are not held responsible in case of a data breach.
  • Learn more about PCI compliance requirements here.

The Fine Print

  • Bluefin charges a $50 annual fee. Any questions about this fee should be directed to them.

Want to start saving time and accepting credit cards within Luminello? Sign-up now!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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