How do I create a note?

Follow the steps below to create a note:

Note: Click here to learn how to clone a note.

1. Click "Charts" on the left navigation.

2. Enter the name of the patient/client or scroll down and select the patient/client. 

There are currently six types of notes available: Intake, Free Text,  SOAP note, Vitals, Labs and Rating Scales. 

Please note, you should not copy/paste into Luminello from an external program, such as MS-Word or other text editors. See this article for more info.

For the assessment, simply begin typing in the ICD-10 diagnosis, and you will be able to choose from a pick-list. If you wish to add in a non-ICD-10 diagnosis or to type any additional comments you may simply type those in and hit enter or tab when you are done.

Note that when you create a billing statement, you may adjust whether diagnoses actually appear on the statement and in which order.

4. If you wish to book an appointment, click on "Action" and select "Book Appointment". Then follow the standard process for booking an appointment (see this here).

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5. You can e-prescribe by clicking on "E-prescribing" under the "Action" dropdown. Then follow the standard process for sending a prescription ( How do I send an e-prescription?).

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6. If "Bill for this session" is selected, you can bill for the session by filling in the appropriate information, such as procedure code ( learn how to set those up here), the fee, and if payment was received at the time of service, the method and amount. If you choose not to bill for a session, uncheck the "Bill for this session" box. You can adjust the default state for this setting in Charts>Settings.

Should you need to, create a task to remind yourself of important information. See: Tell me more about tasks

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7. When you are done entering the details, you have the following options:

a) save your note as a draft. See: How do I retrieve a draft?


b) sign your note.

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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