A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Started

We're so glad to have you onboard, and excited to get you up and running as fast as possible. From this page, quickly jump to any area of interest.  And let us know what we can do to further enhance your experience at any time.

1. Test us out for 2 minutes

Create a dummy chart

Book an appointment

Create a note

Create a note using a Luminello template (premium plans)

2. Complete the basic set-up

Enter your office address

Enter your rates

Automate your rates

Enable two-factor authentication

Create your snippets (premium plans)

Update your EPCS info (prescriber plans)

Invite your assistant(s) (premium plans)

Strategize importing info from your old charts

3. Set up your integrations (premium Plans)

Complete your EPCS setup process (prescriber plans)

Enter your doxy.me URL

Submit your application to send e-labs (prescriber plans)

Submit your credit card processing application

Submit your application to submit insurance claims electronically

4. Set up your patient & client portal

Enter the info you want your patients & clients to see (premium plans)

Send an invitation to the portal

Upload PDFs you want patients & clients to e-sign (premium plans)

Send forms to patient's portals (premium plans)

Set up your public profile

Set up your pre-screen form (premium plans)

Set up online booking (premium plans)

     ☐ Set up auto-pay (premium plans)

5. Learn more about forms, templates, and questionnaires (premium plans)

Create a custom note template

Learn about rating scales/symptom measures

Learn about administrative documents

Learn about our custom form builder

Learn about custom questionnaires

Hire us to create templates, questionnaires, admin forms or to edit your own forms

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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